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Town and Municipality Mixing

The 6 Steps of Premium Quality Zim-Mixing:

  1. Loading: Sand, stone, water, cement and other desired materials are loaded into separate compartments on the Zim-Mixer truck.

  2. Designing: Individual fine and course shutter gates accurately proportion the materials and can be adjusted to produce specific mixes.

  3. Operating: A single control panel gives the operator total control of the process, from calibrating materials to producing a specific mix on demand.

  4. Machine: A patented chain feed delivery system accurately and consistently delivers dry materials to the mix auger.

  5. Mixing: Proportioned materials are brought to the auger hopper and blended into a homogeneous product.

  6. Placing: Auger positioning controls and chute options allow the operator    to precisely place the finished mix without additional labor.

Click here for 10 advantages of Zim-Mixing

  • Sidewalks

  • Foundations

  • Retaining walls

  • Walkways

  • Emergency utility work

  • Parks and playgrounds

  • Columns

  • Fountains

  • Public swimming pools

  • And more...

Once you prepare your site, an All County Mobile Concrete, Inc. professional will arrive to mix and pour your fresh custom concrete efficiently, then leave you to finish the job exactly as you choose.  We're ready when you are -- give us a call!

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  • Nighttime and weekend delivery on request

  • Same day delivery on request 

  • Call for emergency service!



  • 7 am-4 pm Monday-Saturday

  • We accept cash and:

Business  Hours and Payment Options

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